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Time Management

We understand our clients and know they have busy lifestyle and that life is full of surprises & obstacles. Especially when you try to start to get more active. With our flexible scheduling and immediate communication, we help you eliminate the obstacles and help you to be consistent around your own lifestyle.


Getting lean made simple! Our nutritional coaching designed to guide you through your fat loss/muscle building journey and to help you make better decisions that moves you closer to your goals. We will educate you and give you the right tools to know how to change your physique and get the results you always wanted.


Our commitment is to help you get better every single day. It means we’ll help you find your goal-based routine.From strength to conditioning, mobility and endurance, our unique weekly training protocol and energetic class makes it easy to stay committed to crush each workout.


It’s bigger than fitness. our community is all about supporting, guiding and motivating one another so you will never feel lost or alone.


The benefits of our trainings


The benefits of our trainings

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From the Gym

Totally Thankful

“I am totally thankful for being part of YE Training. I joined the team right after having my second child and I was skeptical in the beginning that I would get my body back.
I was so anxious and Yoav & Anna believed in me right a way and didn’t stop pushing me. I got back to my shape within almost 3 months! Thank you for constant motivation, dedication and encouragement.”

– Livia Sasson

Dream Team

“Yoav and Anna are THE DREAM TEAM! The community is electric. No matter how exhausted or “not in the mood” I am they always manage to get me pumped and ready to give it my all. I’m not the biggest exercise fanatic, but the vibes here really give me the push I need to get my act together and push myself to my fullest potential. My kids, husband, and all immediate family, and myself are extremely indebted to this program.”

– Tami Davidov


“I usually don’t write reviews but I had to do it this time. I am a mom of 3 kids. I was never into fitness. Tried so many different gyms and programs and even personal training at home. 3 years ago I started YE program and it became my obsession to workout. It’s all about the energy and the dedication from this place. I used to think I can’t handle it but you will never know unless you try. I tried it and I am so happy I did.”

-Alla Mushayeva