Programs Available


Beginner to Advanced

With over 20 years combined of experience with different training methods, we found what is really the most efficient methods to bring your body to the physique you ever wanted. Our programs combines elements of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training, functional strength training and others. The variation of our unique programming keeps our members challenged, eager to progress and ready to have fun each and every workout.

From beginner to advanced, each member can find the right program to become the best version of themselves.

Better Together

Our BETTER TOGETHER classes are Indoor group classes in a large group. Each person has his own BOOTCAMP kit, which includes Dumbbells, Step, Booty Bands, Core Sliders, Ankle Weights and more. The equipment chosen with the intention to give you the full-body strength and conditioning you need to maximize your workout.

The workouts designed according our weekly protocol which includes strength days and Core & Conditioning days. Tue, Thu, Sat & Sun are our strength days, Mon, Wed, Fri are the core & conditioning days.

All YE Trainings workouts can be modified up or down, so our high-intensity strength and cardio workouts will push you no matter where you are in your fitness journey. You’ll gain discipline, become better not justified physically but mentally. It will help you not just with your fitness goals but maximizes the quality of your life.


Our BETTER TOGETHER At-Home program is where accountability plays important role. We know how hard it is to get that motivation to SHOW UP for a workout at home. With the live interaction during each class you will keep progressing, stay motivated and feel exactly like you are in the studio with us.

YE Trainings On Demand platform

This is the place where we bring our innovative methodology of training to a virtual experience.All of our classes being posted to our On Demand platform where you can take these classes any time you want.In our on demand catalog you can find different categories such as:

  • KICKSTART: EASY START – Classes that will help you to get going especially if you are a beginner.
  • WARMUP ROUTINES – improve your mobility and performance with these warmup routines.
  • LIVE CLASSES – Our recorded At-Home Weekly routine with minimal equipment.
  • QUICK FIT – category for specific workouts under 30 minutes.
  • HIIT GOOD HIIT RIGHT – our total body TABATA workouts.
  • 6 WEEKS BOOTY & ABS CHALLENGE – 3X workouts per week focusing on Glutes & Abs strengthening.

The Sculpt Zone

It is the first class of its kind that mixes Strength and Conditioning elements for the ULTIMATE FULL BODY WORKOUT to bring your physique to the next level. This workout incorporate more advanced strength and conditioning equipment and implement progressive protocols.

What is progressive training?

Progressive training is when you gradually and efficiently increase the weight, frequency, or number of repetitions in your strength training routine. This challenges your body and promotes body recomposition, fat loss, muscle gain and metabolism boost.

Our #SculptZone program is being separated for 4 weeks cycles or what we call the SculptCycle. The SculptCycle is a set of functional strength exercises selected where the main goal is to implement ProgressiveTraining.The program is in a smaller group set up.